The Source Farm Ecovillage Guidelines

1) Natural living

  • To be deeply connected to the place in which we live, learning its boundaries, strengths, weaknesses and rhythms, and living in synchrony and harmony within the ecology of which we are a part.
  • We will create and design structures and gathering places to blend with and complement the natural environment, using natural, bioregional and ecologically sound (renewable, non-toxic, recycled) materials and methods of construction, to the extent possible.
  • To use renewable, non-toxic energy sources to heat and power The Source Village, to the extent possible. To research, test and demonstrate innovative technologies that are ethical and support natural systems.
  • To create a way of life that contributes to a peaceful, loving, sustainable world

2) Holistic Health & Spirituality

  • We will be a non-secular community, yet acknowledge the higher power in all things.
  • We will develop options for restoring, maintaining or improving health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), including natural remedies and alternative health practices.
  • We will respect the many ways of spirituality and support a variety of opportunities for development of the inner self.
  • We will foster a sense of joy, belonging, fun and mystery through ceremonies and celebrations
  • We will acknowledge the interconnectedness and interdependence of all the elements of life on Earth

3) Ecological Stewardship and Permculture

  • To respect Natural life, its systems and processes – preserving wildlife and botanical habitat, and creating a life-style that regenerates, rather than diminishing the integrity of THE SOURCE environment.
  • We will maintain an ecologically sound and economically prosperous stewardship of the land utilizing the techniques and principles of permaculture.
  • To use and/or dispose of human waste and waste water, to the benefit of the environment and community
  • We will use Permaculture design principles in the planning and building of The Source Ecovillage
  • To practice conservation in transportation systems and methods.
  • To minimize consumption and generation of waste and while respecting individual needs.
  • To establish a clean, renewable water supply – respecting, protecting and conserving it.
  • We will live with respect for the land and one another.

4) Organic Farming & Gardening

  • To choose food that comes primarily from THE SOURCE itself, or other local and bioregional sources, that is organic, varied and provides nutritional balance, to the extent possible.
  • We will work to maintain our own personal gardens as a contribution to our food needs.
  • We will use Non-GMO seeds.
  • No pesticides or other chemical or un-natural growth enhancers.
  • We will work cooperative to maintain THE SOURCE Farm and common areas.

5) Arts & Culture

  • To nurture The Source Ecovillage’s vitality through artistic and other cultural activities and celebrations.
  • To value creativity and the arts as an expression of unity and interrelationship to our universe, and encourage and support various forms of artistic expression and artful living.
  • To preserve and enjoy beauty and cultivate aesthetic values.
  • We will value visual and healing arts and work to bring beauty to our community to improve our quality of life and lifestyle.

6)  Self-Sufficiency

  • To develop a flow of resources – giving and receiving of funds, goods and services – that is balanced to meet The Source Ecovillage’s needs and wishes, and sharing surpluses.
  • We will contribute ideas, talents, energies and finances to achieve community goals.
  • We will create business enterprises to assure economic viability and minimum dependence on institutional structures and market systems.
  • We will build self-sustaining infrastructures to meet our basic needs

7) Education

  • To value and nurture personal growth, learning and creativity, developing opportunities for teaching and learning of all age groups in a variety of forms.
  • We will establish educational, leadership, internship, and exchange programs that will enable us to be of service to others, communicate and share our experiences, and link with similar local and global efforts.
  • We will establish elementary, secondary (High School)
  • We establish and educational grant for all Children of The Source to continue their education at the University Level.

8) Social stewardship

  • To co-create a sense of social stability and dynamism, with a foundation of safety and trust that enables members to freely express themselves to the benefit of all.
  • To co-create spaces and systems that support and maximize communication, healthy relationships and productivity within THE SOURCE and with the surrounding community.
  • To share talents, skills and other resources within The Source Village, and outside to serve the greater good, as possible.
  • To honor diversity as a source of health, vitality and creativity in the natural environment and in community relations, fostering – acceptance, inclusively and transparency to reap the benefits of diversity.
  • We will create a safer and more loving environment in which to raise children and will work to ensure that children will be supported in every way in the community
  • We will connect with and serve the local community through workshops, employment opportunities, and business relationships.

10) Technology

  • To create opportunities and use technologies that enhances communication within The Source Ecovillage, and with the world wide community.
  • To avoid using technologies that will harm or endanger the Source Ecovillage and the earth.
  • We will use scared technologies to enhance our understanding of our environment and assist us in healthy living.

11) Code of Ethics

  • We will consider each person to be an individual member including those in a coupled relationship and children.
  • We will deal directly, openly, and honestly with each other.
  • We will seek to work, learn, and teach other.
  • We will each have equal decision making rights.
  • We will build consensus/consent among members as a means of collective decision making.
  • We will be open and respectful of feedback and criticism and when conflict arises, resolve it immediately and peacefully, seeking mediation if necessary.
  • We will agree that violence and abuse whether physical or emotional, have no place in the community.