Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Source is a multi-cultural, intergenerational, intentional eco-village.

We have a commitment to:

  • Natural living
  • Holistic Health & Spirituality
  • Ecological & Social Stewardship
  • Educational Sharing (Learning  & Teaching)
  • Organic Farming & Gardening
  • Arts & Culture
  • Permaculture

The Source Foundation creates a healing retreat for residents and guests and a spiritual sanctuary to experience serenity and tranquility.

 Vision Statement

The Source will be an innovative model community that is dedicated to respecting and restoring Mother Earth. We will foster personal growth, personal development and empower our community to be ambassadors of natural and progressive living. The Source will be known for its diverse social and economic opportunities with a mosaic of award-winning cultural, recreational and artistic amenities and services.