PGR Plantain Garden River Agro Park

The Source Farm Foundation has been working with Plantain Garden River Agro Park Farmers as well as other farming groups in the highlands of Rowlandsfield and a group of farmers in Johnson Mountain, St. Thomas. These small farmers have had many challenges over the past decade due to liberalization of the Banana Industry by NAFTA’s ruling, the closing of the Eastern Banana Estates and the recent failure of the onion crop at the Plantain Garden River Agro Park. It is our hope that with the introduction the Jamaican Sustainable Farm Enterprise Program we will be able to re-energize agriculture in Eastern St. Thomas while address a number of environmental challenges around sustainable land practices and address of issues climate change which is impacting the region.

The Jamaican Sustainable Farm Enterprise Program will be working with over 40 farmers in Plantain Garden River Agro Park plains and highlands establishing over a 100 acres of organic production in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica. The Source Farm Foundation will be work with FAVACA’s Farmer to Farmer Program to bring the vast wealth of knowledge and experience of US professions who have been working in organic farming and sustainable development sector to aid our Jamaican farmers in best practices and current market trends.