Sunday Dinner Project


The Source Farm Foundation and Friends invite your participation in The SUNDAY DINNER PROJECT: Strengthening Caribbean Families Through Food, Conversation and Community to be launched on September 28, 2014 at the Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage premises located in John’s Town, St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Our overarching goal is to strengthen Caribbean families across the globe using the medium of food, which for us, is more than a source of nourishment. Traditionally, we have used food to express our appreciation for our loved ones, for celebrating milestones, as a healing technique and for building community.

Our objective is to expand on this tradition by mobilizing Caribbean people in the Region and the Diaspora to sit down to Sunday Dinner with family and friends beginning on September 28, 2014. While sharing this meal, we hope that family and friends will (re)connect and initiate a family conversation about important issues such as identifying family history and how it will be transferred from one generation to the next; acknowledge the need for healing conversations that recognize family hurts and begin to identify strategies for overcoming them and how family resources will be preserved, expanded and acquired.

We recognize that generally, these issues cannot be resolved at a single meal and that these conversations may even generate tension. This is the reason that the project includes building a network of family and healing experts that individuals and families will be able to access during the period leading up to, during, and after the official launch of THE SUNDAY DINNER PROJECT.

In addition, our promotion of this family conversation will encourage the eating of indigenous and healthy foods as a contribution to promoting regional food security, healthy lifestyles and increasing employment. Now, you know why we consider THE SUNDAY DINNER PROJECT as a win-win situation for multiple sectors, families, individuals and businesses.

We are pitching the event globally; hence the format will be a live radio broadcast from the premises of The Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage in John’s Town, St. Thomas, Jamaica. International and local media will be invited to broadcast live from the event starting at 12:00 noon but especially during the launch ceremony, which is scheduled for 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on September 28, 2014.

The timing of meals will differ depending on location and different time zones. Consequently, we will have THE SUNDAY DINNER PROJECT Focal Points in each time zone organizing local events. Their tasks will include working with local radio stations and local Caribbean owned businesses and organizations such as restaurants, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, church communities and youth clubs to mobilize families in their vicinities to sit down to family meals on September 28, 2014 to initiate the conversations on family issues.

At each location, THE SUNDAY DUNNER PROJECT Focal Points will organize to have live radio broadcasts similar to the one in Jamaica. Similarly, these broadcasts will feature Focal Points explaining the philosophy undergirding THE SUNDAY DINNER PROJECT concept. Local experts will provide advice about initiating and managing the issues that may arise during the family conversations. These experts will include chefs, nutritionists, historiographers, psychologists, spiritualists, family therapists, business and entrepreneurial experts and community development specialists.

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