Exit Policy / Refund Policy

Exit Policy

The Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage believes that good agreements make for good neighbors. We also believe it is just as important to enter gracefully as it is to leave gracefully. The Source Farm Exit Policy seeks to create balance and a seamless transition as much as possible.

There could be any number of reasons for our members to leave us. It could be a change of employment, migration, educational opportunities in foreign lands or just a shift in consciousness. It could also just be that you are not a good fit for the community. Whatever the reason we are thankful to have the experience of living, working and playing with you.

The following is the Exit Policy

Residential Exit Policy

If you are exiting The Source you are required to send a letter in writing to the Membership Committee stating your wish to exit and giving approximate date of departure.

You are also required in writing to inform which ever committee you are working on that you are exiting. You are also required to follow the Succession Planning Process for your departure.

If you are exiting The Source you will not be refunded your membership fee, annual fees or annual dues.

You can sell your Residential Lot Lease to another incoming Source Full Member, with explicit Finance Committee approval. You will receive the amount which you paid for the lot but not any increase in lot lease fee. This is to prevent speculation.

If at the time of your departure there is no incoming Source Full Member the Lot Lease Fee will be refunded when the Finance Committee has available capital funds.

The Source Farm Foundation Land Trust is not obligated to refund your Lot Lease Fee but may choose to do so when the Finance Committee determines that The Source has available capital funds to do so. You might be paid back through payments, but not a lump sum. It could take years for payments to start and years for your Lot Lease refund to be paid off.

You can sell your building(s) and other improvements on your homesite to an incoming Source           Full Member by following The Source approved guidelines. You can sell your buildings at market value.

You are required to meet with the Membership Committee prior to your departure to review and check off the Exit List Protocol. This list deals with small and large details of leaving The Source such as forwarding of mail and any last minute financial details.