What is on the Farm?

The Source Farm grows a variety of fruits, vegetable and herbs.  Availability varies by season and current inventory.

Calaloo Potatoes Scallion
Pak Choi Coco Thyme
Collard Greens Yellow Yam Oregano
Swiss Chard Sweet Potato Dill
Cabbage White Yam Parsley
String Beans Coconut Basil
Okra Jelly Coconut Mint
Cherry Tomatoes Ackee Ginger
Plum Tomatoes Breadfruit Garlic
Salad Tomatoes Peas Cilantro
Jamaica Small tomatoes Beans Chew Stick
Green Bell Peppers Seasonal Cinnamon Leaves
Scotch Bonnet Peppers Oranges Nutmeg
Stand Up Chilli Peppers Pear Sorrel
Carrots Mango French Thyme
Pumpkin June Plum
Cucumbers Apple
Turnips Sweet Sop
Beets Sour Sop