Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2016

What is consciousness? Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings. The program this summer will focus on developing and maintaining consciousness in relation to our diet and physical health. Teachers and students will explore the food groups and determine a balanced diet based on individual needs. We will also look at organic and sustainable practices that bring us whole and nutritious food. We will have weekly food demonstrations and daily arts integration to make connections and cultivate hands-on learning. Come join us at our Conscious Kitchen.

Summer Institute 2015

This year’s program was titled Portrait of a Leader and examined the many factors that contribute to a person’s identity. Throughout our 4 weeks of study, we addressed 3 guiding questions: Who am I, Where am I from, and How am I a positive leader in my community and the world? We identified ourselves on a personal level and set goals and created a vision for our lives. We surveyed our physical surroundings and looked at the cultural traditions and history that have shaped who we’ve become. We examined social and environmental issues in our community and worked to address change. We also incorporated yoga and musical movement in our daily activity. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and welcome you to join us. Please watch the video and come learn with us next year. It’s just a peek into our fun!






Summer Institute 2014
A 3 week program with 18 students, we took advantage of our location by going on daily explorations and working with nature. We also had inspiring arts & crafts activities that parallel our learning. Each day was filled with excitement, creativity and learning!

This year’s Summer Institute was titled How to be An Explorer: our focus is the plant & animal life cycle. We chose this area of study because our project is to landscape the area around the pond, build a runoff pond and propagate aquatic life in the pond. Students learned about the life cycle of butterflies and frogs and understand the similarities and differences between them as they grow and mature.


Summer Institute 2013
Summer Institute (formerly Teach & Beach) is a Summer Literacy & Art Project, which offers students the opportunity to have one on one instruction with a trained reading specialist and 2-3 hours of arts instructions. The project is conducted in July and August.  Each student has no less than 130 hours of instruction time.   By the end of the tutoring program the student post test scores will reflex a minimum increase of 15% from their pre-test scores.

Teach & Beach 2011
The 2011 Literacy and Art Education Project was titled Planting the Seed: Nurturing Global Citizens. We learned about prominent individuals who have made innovations that have helped the environment. We read about George Washington Carver’s amazing work with the peanut plant and Wangari Maathai’s quest in replanting lost forests, one tree at a time. We made impressions in tiles using objects found in nature and T-Shirt paintings depicting nature motifs. We are thrilled for our fourth year of appreciating literature and expressing the creativity within all of us.

Teach & Beach 2010
Teach & Beach Literacy and Art Education Project is ready for kids to explore and understand the world through literature and art. We touched down on six continents to read tales of adventure, culture and tradition. We provided 3rd through 6th graders a remarkable summer travel experience, without ever leaving their home. Teach & Beach 2010 went to Mali, meet Mansa Musa and make African Bronze Mast heads. We went to Japan to learn the art of origami and make paper cranes. We painted pictures through words and art…… ALL ABOARD!!!!

Teach & Beach 2009
The second year the Source Farm Foundation organized Teach & Beach © Literacy and Art Education project which offered 20-30 students the opportunity to have small group instruction with certified teachers. We had a curriculum that included certified reading and art teachers who supported academic instruction with art education. Our theme this year was Folktales from Around the World. This five week project spanned June 29th through July 31st.

Teach & Beach 2008
Teach & Beach is a non-profit group made up of certified teachers who pledge their summer vacations to continue the work of lifelong literacy. We are dedicated to exposing children to literature, having them think critically and express themselves through art. This summer we will read popular children’s authors such as David Shannon, Cynthia Rylant and Eve Bunting, while exploring our artistic talent using various mediums.